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Gildan – I Support – Can a T-shirt help make a better world?

The “I Support…” program was developed and launched in 2010 during a series of trade shows, in concert with social and traditional media outreach. The unique program is designed to encourage people to tell us about the charities they support and how they are making a positive impact on the world. In 2010, Homeboy Industries was selected via a panel of judges to receive a donation of $100,000.

The gift from Gildan’s I Support program helped underwrite job training at Homeboy Industries. With six social enterprise businesses, Homeboy trains and employs about 175 to 200 youth a year. These youth are moving beyond the gang life into a life of hope by learning skills, completing their education, removing tattoos, and addressing many other issues. Gildan made it possible for Homeboy to offer a pathway to change.”

– Fr. Greg Boyle, Founder and Executive Director
Homeboy Industries, recipient of the $100,000 donation as part of the Gildan “I Support…” 2010 campaign

The second edition of Gildan’s “I Support…” program was launched in April 2011 and the Company doubled its commitment by pledging to donate up to $200,000 to charitable organizations across North America. Gildan will again prove that a T-shirt can make a better world!

With every purchase of Gildan’s Softstyle T-shirt (style 64000 and 64000L) Gildan is setting aside a percentage of the profits to fund charitable donations that will be distributed through the program.

Tell us about your favorite charity!
Similar to last year’s program, the first component of the 2011 “I Support…” program is based on the participation of Gildan’s customers and distributors, as well as the general public, to help determine the charities who will share $100,000, divided in the following categories:

Genuine Stewardship Donation –$50,000
Impact Donation –$20,000
Sustainability Donation –$10,000
Accountability Donation –$10,000
People’s Choice Donation –$10,000
Residents of Canada and the U.S. were asked to tell us about their favorite charity and why it has a genuine positive impact on their community. In 2011, the nomination and voting process was supported through Facebook. Visitors of the GenuineGildan Facebook page could nominate a registered charity and/or “vote” for their favorite stories.

In October 2011, a Top 10 list was announced based on a cumulative mathematical formula that considers the total number of stories submitted for each charity and the total number of “votes” for each story submitted. Donation recipients will be announced at the beginning of 2012.

Network for Good + Gildan = Gildan Good Cards®
One of the new features of the 2011 edition of the “I Support…” Program are the Gildan Good Cards®, created from a partnership with Network for Good, a non profit giving portal that enables online giving to over 1.2 million registered charities in the United States. Through these cards, over 90 different 501(c)3 charities were impacted with an additional $100,000 in donations over the course of 2011.

The Good Card® is a gift card enabling the recipient to direct a pre-paid $50 donation, on behalf of Gildan, to a valid United States registered charity of their choice. Gildan offered these cards within its wholesale trade network as well as to individuals who nominated a registered 501(c)3 charity to the “I Support…” program on Facebook.

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